Some selected design styles will require two or more photos of each player, coach mascot, etc.  You may, however for any style submit an action photo for the front and head shot for the back at no additional charge.  If headshots are unavailable, CHOICE will “Snap Shot” a head photo from the front photo. 

Please do NOT send PolaroidsÒ

No matte finish photos

Do not Cut or Crop photos

Do not staple or paper clip photos

Do not write directly on the photos 

Please try to take photos in a consistent format.  Either all vertical or all horizontal.

When submitting digital photographs, please burn to a CD or save to a ZIP disk.  Please do not try to email an entire set of photographs.

Be sure to include the photographers name to receive a photo credit. 


Try to photograph headshots against a contrasting, non-textured wall or background if possible (i.e. if your player is wearing a white uniform…pose him/her against a blue background, etc.)

If we are clipping your player's out of there picture background-we recommend that they have “head gear” on such as caps, helmets, etc. (makes for a cleaner clip around player’s head/hair area)

Please stage action shots when possible to get “the right shot” (try to avoid the “sideline zoom”)

Please watch the sun and shadow areas especially under a cap brim (shoot your pictures with lighting in mind)

When taking your pictures, focus is extremely important.  Maintain a steady hand and proper focal point.  If the photos are “fuzzy” the card will also be “fuzzy”.



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